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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: James Acaster

Since 2011, James Acaster has put on one of the Edinburgh Fringe’s few ‘must-see’ shows of the year, capturing two Fosters Comedy Award nominations in the process.

This show is already gaining similar plaudits, taking the Best International Show prize at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. I’d get your ticket soon.

james acaster edinburgh fringe 2014 interview

Hallo James. How are you today?

Hi guys.  Good thanks, I’ve got a wash on and I’m planning my day

You’ve been a constant at the Fringe for several years now. What keeps you coming back?

The love.

What have you learnt about surviving the Festival during that time?

I have learnt that no one survives very well.  We all run our mouths of in July about our great plan to survive and then we don’t follow that plan one bit.  This year will be different though.

Your show this year has a rather specific conceit. What made you choose to structure your show this way?

I just thought it would be funny so I followed the idea and saw where it took me.  I really wanted this year’s show to be the kind of show I would actually laugh at.  I made this show for me, guys.

It also seems to be your most personal show to date. Was that something you expected?

No but as I was writing it I realised that the themes tied in with what was happening in my personal life and I thought there was some humour to be found there.  It also has more lies in it than any other show I’ve done though.  I’m not saying which parts are lies and which parts are personal

You regularly discuss your many scrapes on Josh Widdicombe’s XFM show. Have you ever had any Fringe scrapes?

Yes, they mainly involve me making a faux pas in a bar late one night with a comedian I’ve not met before but respect hugely then desperately trying to undo my own blunder and making it worse

What else are you looking forward to at the Fringe this year?

This year there’s so many great shows going up, I want to see more than I ever have before.  I list will be ever so long.  I’m going to try and see Kraken by Trygve Wakenshaw, he did the show in Melbourne and New Zealand and I never saw it because I’m an idiot and then on the final day I saw him do 10 minutes of it at a gig and it was brilliant so I’ll try and catch that if I can. Hold on. No, we clash.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it: 

I’m going to go an buy some food now, probably three meals worth and breakfast for the next few days.

Also, show-related, I bought a table for the show the other day and I’m really excited about it because it is the perfect table and I never thought I’d get so pumped about buying a table but it has happened and I’m glad of it.

I am not a loser.

James Acaster: Recognise
Pleasance Courtyard

July 30 – Aug 24, 8pm


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