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SOLD OUT – Stewart Lee and Bridget Christie on July 30

Laugh Out London comedy club closes its best Edinburgh festival preview season yet with another great show featuring two of the most acclaimed comedians in the country.

Bridget Christie & Stewart Lee

Bridget Christie & Stewart Lee

At a venue in north east London, Stewart Lee and Bridget Christie will perform work-in-progress hours of new material in preparation for the Edinburgh Festival


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Bridget Christie: An Ungrateful Woman

Why did people praise Michael Gove on 25 February 2014? What made Bridget lose control of her emotions at a casting for a yoghurt commercial? And which national newspaper genuinely mistook Bridget (from R4’s Bridget Christie Minds the Gap, Dilemma, Heresy, News Quiz, The Unbelievable Truth, BBC’s HIGNFY, It’s Kevin and C4’s Cardinal Burns) for King Charles II? ‘One of the finest comedians around’ (Independent). ‘A superb stand-up with a powerful voice and something to say…a revelation’ ***** (Observer). ‘A beautiful balance between the personal, the public and the parodic’ **** (Times).

Stewart Lee: A Room With a Stew
‘Remains one of the best stand-ups in the country’ **** (Metro). ‘Best comedian in Britain’ ***** (Mirror). ‘There’s a wealth of evidence to suggest that in the last few years, Lee has gone completely mad’ (Guardian). ‘If Lee had a shred of insight into the working lives of others, he’d realise that those who give up an evening to see him deserve his thanks not his toxic scorn’ (Telegraph). ‘Utter disgrace. Totally evil propaganda. Offensive, biased, untrue and unfunny’ (Patricia Culligan, UKIP).

Doors open at 7.30, the show starts at 8.


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