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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Rachel Parris

Edinburgh’s dodgy bookies, deep fried food and the Pubic Triangle don’t quite compete with vices of Las Vegas.

However, Rachel Parris is at the Fringe this year to provide a showmanship and glamour worthy of Celine & co. Expect comedy anthems and absurd talent.

rachel parris edinburgh fringe

Hallo Rachel. How are you today?

I’m okay thanks! How nice of you to ask. I’m drinking cold coffee and doing re-writes of my show in my living room.

Your show is called Live in Vegas. Are you treating this as an audition for your own Vegas run?

That is, of course, my over-arching plan. Everything I have done in comedy so far has been leading to a three-year multi-million dollar residency at Caesar’s palace. I imagine I’ll be there by Christmas.

Can we expect lots of glamour and power ballads?

Yes you can! I play three different characters who are performing in Vegas, and only one of them, called Felice, is the true Vegas diva – all sequins and power ballads! So you do get that, but there’s other kinds of music in there – some country, some soft-rock, some jazz and pop.

Could the Fringe do with a little touch of the Vegas magic?

Ha! I think variety is what keeps the Fringe popular – so if everyone was doing glitz and glamour and belting songs, it’d be boring – but for my part, I love a bit of theatre in my comedy, so I hope others will too!

You’re also in Austentatious, which has become a phenomenal Fringe hit. Did you expect such success?

Not at all, I don’t think we ever even thought it would last this long! We had been going about a year and a half when we did our first Edinburgh in 2012, and it wasn’t til then that everything really kicked off – and we started to realise how popular the show was. This year we are on the paid fringe for the first time, so you can actually buy a ticket, instead of queuing for two hours! We are hoping people will still come to see us!

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?

I’m looking forward to seeing some fantastic improv – as ever, it’s the best year yet for improv at the Fringe! Cariad & Paul are always phenomenal (They are – Ed), catch them while you can – they have a limited run and always sell out! And some new improv ensembles (but made up of veteran improvisers!) like, Folie à Deux at Pleasance, and No Strings, at the Counting House, are gonna be great!

Also excited about Bren & Jenny – Hello! at the Freestival – they’re doing a spoof daytime TV show, with comedy song, sketch and improv! I realise this wasn’t necessarily a space for recommendations but you have to grab your opportunities where you can in this life.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:

I spent about 10 minutes of this trying to work out how to type an accented “a” for Folie à Deux (above) – in the end I had to copy and paste it from their listing, and adjust the font, colour and size. I don’t deserve to own a mac.


Rachel Parris: Live In Vegas
Pleasance Courtyard
Jul 30 – Aug 25, 4.30pm

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