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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Lou Sanders

Lou Sanders’ 2012 Edinburgh Fringeshow was packed with ideas that you doubt anyone had ever come up with before in the entire history of human thought.

If anything, Lou has only got more daring and exciting for her 2014 return.


Hallo Lou. How are you today?

I am super thank you. I sincerely hope you are in the best emotional range too.

Your 2012 show was one of most original, wonderful and strangest Fringe shows I’ve ever seen. Can we expect similar madness this year?

Nah, this year I’ve copied someone else’s 2011 show. Actually, I think it’s maybe less strange, I’ve scaled back on the stupidity and really pushed the sexiness this year.

Do you feel you learnt any necessary Fringe survival tips during your 2012 run?

Try to let go of the things you can’t control. Enjoy yourself for goodness sake! Otherwise what on earth is it all for? And don’t bring your nice brown boots, you’ll never wear them.

You’ve previously had a joke shortlisted as one of the funniest of the Fringe. Are you aiming to pick up first prize this year?

I’m going for second place actually as I feel like first place is too commercial.

You promise six props in your show blurb. Did you make them all?

I only made one prop, the vagina. But I’m on my 9th one. It keeps breaking as it’s so heavy. And it’s made to scale so gives you some idea…

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?

I’m going to catch up on DVDs and reading and I’ve brought a brand new, top of the range, transportable smoothie maker so that’s getting me quite excited. Also, I’m looking forward to doing the free fringe as its much less pressure and no health & safety enforcements (and you know how I feel about that).

Thinking about it the smoothie maker is mid to low range but I’m still excited.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:

My favourite space is in this big secret tree – you can climb in to the trunk and just sit there enveloped inside mama nature. Sometimes a kid will come by and try and get in as well but you just play dead until they see you, scream and run away. I’m pretty spiritual like that.

Lou Sanders: Another Great Show Again
Laughing Horse at City Cafe

Jul 31 – Aug 24, 10.30pm

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