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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Lindsay Sharman

We shared the stage with Lindsay Sharman in the live stage version of Hook just before Christmas 2012. She was an adept pirate then, but now she’s transformed herself into Madame Magenta – a psychic, medium, white wytch and celebrated author.

Madame Magenta is bringing her psychic skills to the Edinburgh Fringe this August where she’ll attempt to usurp Derek Acorah as the most absurd medium in the country.


Hallo Lindsay. How are you?

Hello there! I’m well thank you, though I’m working in Magenta’s sweatshop at the moment, packing up copies of her new book and sending them off to her many loyal, misguided fans (join the zeitgeist and buy one yourself )

Can you explain who Madame Magenta is and what’s she doing in Edinburgh?

Magenta (psychic, medium, whyte wytch) is in Edinburgh on the advice of Clive, her spirit guide, who used to be a small business advisor for a major high street bank before he died and became a Native American. Clive believes Magenta should expand her customer base and consolidate Magenta’s One-Stop Esoterica Shoppe as a brand, and he very firmly believes that the Edinburgh Festival is the place to make Big Money. I’m sure he’s correct, and have already started circling things in the Argos catalogue for when Magenta and I return in September, awash with £s.

How did Madame Magenta learn her psychic skills?

How does one learn to be beautiful? How does one learn to be talented? How does one learn to go-go dance? These are skills that cannot be taught. Magenta was born with them all.

Will audience members have a chance to talk to their dead cat?

Only if the cat wants to talk to them. And if cats couldn’t give a shit when they’re alive, why would they suddenly care when they’re dead? So the answer is no, they won’t get a chance to talk to their dead cat. Their living/dead cat has better things to do.

There’s also a book to accompany the show. What’s it about?

It’s a thrilling adventure true-story romcom art-house rollercoaster ride that would make an excellent Hollywood movie/HBO drama serial. I see the character of Magenta as being played by me, and if I’m not available, then Jason Statham is the closest fit.

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?

Literally everything. I have built it up in my mind to such an extent that when the inevitable festival-disappointment/self-doubt/nervous-exhaustion breakdown comes, it will be utterly crippling. AND I’M EVEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT *gibber*

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it:


Madame Magenta: Libros Mystica
Voodoo Rooms

Aug 2-24, 3pm

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