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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Hatty Ashdown

In 2012 Hatty Ashdown told Edinburgh audience all about her upbringing as a ‘nan child’ in Kent. 

Now’s the time for the rest of the story, including tales of failed jobs, embarrassing siblings and bathroom fashion.

hatty ashdown edfringe

Hello Hatty. How are you?:

I’m not too bad thanks mustn’t grumble

August is looming. How are you feeling about heading up to Edinburgh?

Who am I kidding I’ve panic and anxiety looming my every waking hour, apart from that I’m really enjoying myself and love the new Fargo series (It really is terrific – Ed).

You’ve previously performed at the Fringe with the show Nan Child. What did you learn in that time?

Yes well that show was 40 mins to give me a feel for being on stage longer then the usual 10-20 minute set time. What I learnt is I can do that easily ! To always have a cup of tea before the show, have a good way of asking for donations at the end (which I don’t have this year yet) I’m sure every one says this but make sure it’s a show you enjoy doing as you have to do it every day !

What can we expect from Hurry Up Hatty?

Well it’s basically a showcase ( I hope to show all my skills apart from singing but you never know there’s still time – I do a very good Cher). This is my debut hour so there will be a tiny bit of my Nan Child stuff brushed up and for any Nan Child fans I wanted to show a little of what it was like for my siblings having a nanchild. It’s not a high concept show cos I’m too lazy for that. You find out in the show work has not always been my friend.

Did you consider any other titles for the show?

Nope! Apart from ‘ come to this show its my first hour and I really want my own radio chat show ‘

Who would you like to see in the audience this year?

People rather then empty chairs, mums, dads, nans , sisters , brothers oh and aunties usually love me …and anyone that might give me my own radio show.

Other than see fantastic shows, what would you recommend to someone visiting Edinburgh in August?

I’m really rubbish at doing other stuff in Edinburgh, I have some much more cultured and adventurous friends that know about cool stuff and I usually just tag along to some avant garde play or pie party at some cool Austrians house with them, so just find some cool people to hang with. Ooh I do love the Meadow Bar’s vegi burger and I can give one tip for those finding it hard to find a good Chinese, try Karen Wong. But be warned; the food is good but it’s her that’s the real entertainment see photo – it’s like a Chinese Fawlty Towers!

karen wong

Karen Wong with a friend of Hatty

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it.

Please don’t be late for my show I have a important start to the show and it won’t be the same if you miss it . Please bring your laughing head to the show but if you can’t manage that at least a warm face. It’s live, we can see you, if you look like a wet weekend, remember it’s not TV. I look forward to seeing you !

Hatty Ashdown: Hurry Up Hatty
Aug 01 – Aug 24, 3.45pm
Laughing Horse at the Wee Pub, Grassmarket

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