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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 interview: Sarah Callaghan

Sarah Callaghan has been tipped by TimeOut as one of the comedy class of 2014 for her fresh, unpretentious take on life as an early-20s Londoner. She’s got one of our favourite jokes about spiders too.

Sarah’s no stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe but this is her first full hour and we’re excited to see what this newcomer can do.

sarah callaghan-edinburgh-festival-fringe-interview

This is your first full solo show at the Fringe. How are you feeling?

I’ve done one too many interviews about it to be honest. But at least you’re starting with a nice gentle general opening question to settle me in. I will try to be a bit nicer in this one. I have a tendency to snap the interviewer’s head off if they ask me a dumb question. But you seem alright. I like you innit. Some interviewers, you know, it’s really all about them, they’re just pretending to be interested before they rifle off another quip written by someone else. But you seem different, one of the good guys. Like Phil Schofield – my absolute dream man. Anyway what was the question again?

Two years ago you did a double header at the Fringe. What did you learn in that time?

Get a brilliant review day one and then totally take your foot off the gas. They say Edinburgh is a marathon, not a sprint. Losers. I’m Usain Bolt, I ain’t Paula Radcliffe. I steam in quick, get the good review, bush bash bosh then I’m out of there. I’m not hanging around all day sweating my arse off and shitting in bushes. Sprint in that first day then you can totally put your feet up, laughing at all those silly silly marathon runners dressed as clowns and students, putting tape on their face and shit. Pathetic.

Your show is called Don’t Tell Anyone About Sarah Callaghan. Is this clever reverse psychology?

Ok, as I say, I like you, but be a bit careful. Yes that is what the show is called. I’m a stand-up comedian, obviously I want you tell people about me. Why do you think I’m doing this interview? Fun? Payment?! Everything anyone does now is for publicity. Ooh I’m raising money for charity, I’m swimming the channel, I’m running the length of the country attached to a brick – it’s those marathon runners all over again innit, man up and admit it’s all about you. Just be Usain Bolt, be the best, do a cool pose, then go home quick with your dignity. The point I make in the show is that you can tell everyone about a certain side of me, but in this show I’m sharing secrets I want no one to know about. It makes sense if you come, so just come innit.

Did you consider any other names for the show?

Yep, a few. ‘Don’t Fucking Tell Anyone about Sarah Callaghan’ and ‘For Fucks Sake Don’t Tell Anyone about Sarah Callaghan’ but I was over my fucking 40-word limit.

Do you have a favourite memory or experience of the Fringe?

Yep, every year I go to the cinema. Two years ago I saw Ted. Brilliant film by an incredibly talented guy. I think it’s always good to take a break from the thousands of average to below average shows you get at the Fringe to go and see something by true talents with millions of pounds to spend. It really is much better. There is some good stuff on the Fringe, it’s harder and harder to find but don’t get me wrong it is there. But is it better than a brilliant film? Obviously not. So if you’re coming up to the Fringe for a few days I’m not saying do this, it’s your choice, but you don’t have to see any live shit. There are some really good cinemas up here, the auditoriums are comfortable and air-conditioned and no prick begs you to come in.

Other than see great shows, what would you recommended to someone visiting Edinburgh?

Right, you’re not listening to my answers are you? You have your pre-prepared questions and you’re not being flexible (‘Rumbled!’ – Ed). But I’m not going to lose it this time. For some reason, I don’t know why, but I like you. You ain’t no Phil, but you’re not a complete Jonathan. I’ll give you one more pop.

Here’s a space to write anything you want about any subject.

Odd thing to do, but cool. Actually I’ve just remembered Usain Bolt did those adverts where he dressed up as a woman or a cat or some shit. So every time I just referred to Usain Bolt as someone I aspired to being like please disregard that as I’ve just realised Usain Bolt is a fame-hungry prick like everyone else. Ooh I’m a millionaire but let’s totally degrade myself so I can buy a gold case for all my cash. I’m trying to think of someone else that’s a credible person in the public eye… I can’t. And in a nut-shell that’s what the show is about. See you there hopefully. 6.15pm every day not Sundays at Finnegan’s Wake, free festival ting! Don’t tell Anyone. Tell everyone. ‘Clever reverse psychology’… I’m shaking my head, but I still like you (‘Thanks Sarah’ – Ed).

Don’t Tell Anyone About Sarah Callaghan
Jul 31 – Aug 23, 6.15pm
Laughing Horse @ Finnegan’s Wake, Victoria Street

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