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Nick Helm and Paul F Taylor star in online comedy series

Nick Helm and Paul F Taylor

Nick Helm and Paul F Taylor

If anyone can remember 2009 they’ll also remember that Nick Helm and Paul F Taylor were tearing up the comedy scene as a double act. Performing silly jokes and sketches with an enthusiasm and shambolic style that set them apart from the traditionally more formal sketch groups.

Well since those heady days both Nick and Paul have gone on to great individual successes: Paul winning the Hackney New Act of the Year competition and appearing at film festivals in various short films and Nick getting nominated for the Fosters’ Comedy Award twice and appearing on every TV channel going.

The good news for us is that they’ve reunited for an amazing new online sketch show. The Helm & Taylor Show sees the duo revisit some of their favourite routines and reinvent them for film. The four episode series retains their traditional stylings and live feel while taking the jokes in even sillier, funnier directions. The show, directed by the award-winning Stuart Laws, was produced by Turtle Canyon Comedy and is released in association with the exciting new YouTube comedy channel Mr box.

Watch all four episodes below or on YouTube

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