Comedy news round-up (Oct 14 2013)

Mrs Brown's Boys - the movie

Mrs Brown’s Boys – the movie

All the latest news from the world of comedy.

Unnamed writers of a new British sitcom expressed concern today after turning in their script and realising they had forgotten to write in a role for Kevin Eldon. The pair, whose sitcom is about vicars or a pet shop, or something, appeared to imply that Eldon’s ubiquity in British comedy was the work of a shadowy cabal devoted entirely to the proliferation of Kevin and that their failure to bow to their demands would result in being blacklisted.

Universal Studios announced this week that the forthcoming film version of Mrs Brown’s Boys would be helmed by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg. When asked about the direction the film would take, Vinterberg indicated that he would be returning to the Dogme 95 style of filmmaking, and that the film would be devoid of laugh tracks, non-diegetic sound and studio trickery. Sources close to the production suggested that early drafts of the script had the film following a similar line to Vinterberg’s ‘Festen’, and finding Brendan O’Carroll’s titular matriarch facing up to some painful accusations from her ‘boys’.

GIG OF THE WEEK: ‘White People Drive Like This…’, Leytonstone. A knockabout evening of race-related laughs entirely conveyed through the ‘White People [VERB] like this [MIME], [INSERT RACE] [VERB] like this [MIME]’ format. Attendees can expect to leave the night confused as to whether what they have just witnessed was racist or not.

And finally circuit comic, Doug Carbon, was forced to retire from performing this week after beginning dating a lovely girl with whom he envisages himself being very happy. Doug noted that his entire back catalogue of material was now “redundant”. Of failed attempts to build a new set of relevant material, Doug reported: “I considered pissing myself during our first meal out just to generate some material but then the main course arrived, which was delicious, and then conversation was just so engaging and she has beautiful eyes….”

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