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Greatest IT Crowd moments

The final episode of IT Crowd finally graced our screens recently, and it was a fitting finale to one of my favourite comedy series.

ritten by the legendary Graham Linehan (who also wrote Father Ted and Black Books), the IT Crowd does geek chic and ridiculous situations better than most. Here are a selection of the best moments:

Series 1 Episode 2: New emergency number

Emergency services get a serious upgrade.

Series 2 Episode 2: Denholm’s entrance

Denholm’s dramatic entrance into his father’s funeral, and to the show, can never be beaten.

Series 2 Episode 3: Piracy ad

Genius spoof of TV and film piracy ads.

Series 3 Episode 2: Fotoball Chat

Moss discovers an app that allows him and Roy to speak football.

Series 3 Episode 2: The Kiss

When Roy and Moss are being chased by police, there is only one obvious way to hide.

Series 3 Episode 4: The Internet

Moss introduces Jen to the ‘whole internet’.

Series 3 Episode 4: Iran

Douglas really needs to learn to listen better.

Series 4 Episode 3: Spaceology

Douglas undergoes a sudden conversion to ‘Spaceology’ and creates a promotional video to conver others.

Series 4 Episode 5: Bunking off

When Roy and Moss bunk off work, the adrenaline rather adversely affects Moss’ judgement.

There are far too many other brilliant moments to list here. What are your favourites?

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