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Edinburgh Fringe interview: Joe Davies (AAA Stand-up)


We’ve got to know Joe Davies very well as sometime MC of our Laugh Out London comedy nights, which is why we recommend him very highly as part of the Fringe’s AAA Stand Up triple-bill at the Pleasance.

Past AAAers include Paul F Taylor and Zoe Lyons, and Joe is more than capable of carrying on the impressive lineage with his eager, almost naive positivity, acute silliness and natural funny bones.

_ _ _

How excited are you about the Fringe?

I am more excited than anyone else here, how do I know this? Because I’m in my head!

You’re part of AAA stand-up this year. How did you get involved on that bill?

I had to audition for the show, I really didn’t think I would get a place but am over the moon, I’m also really good at blackmail!

It’s a show that has featured some great acts. Do you feel any pressure?

I did feel a bit of pressure before the first show, but now that’s done I am loving every second.

What can the audience expect from your section?

My section is a lot of fun and different every day, I sometimes play musical chairs or sing a Hymn about god whoever that bloke is!.

What else are you looking forward to about the Fringe?

I’m looking forward to just having a laugh, I work my tits off the rest of the year, so this is like a holiday for me, not sure how people can get down on themselves at this festival, it’s the best thing ever, ow and I had a savoury crep last night which was pretty amazing!

You’re also a carpenter – do you intend to carpent while in Edinburgh?

Yes mate I’m always working, I’ve driven my van up here and and going to be doing various jobs, call me if you need anything done, great rates!

Who would be your dream triple bill of comedians?

Billy Connolly , Andy Kaufman and Prince Philip

AAA Stand-up
Aug 1 – 26, 7.15pm
Pleasance Courtyard
£8 – £11

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