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Adam Larter’s Edinburgh Fringe blog: Day 03 – 05


Sorry for the lack of updates all but turns out the flat I’m staying in doesn’t have the internet or beds, so it’s taken me a while to get round to this.

Currently sitting outside a Starbucks; one of the many fun challenges life likes to throw our way.

The Fringe has been going really well so far and I mean REALLY well.

Our first show got off to a cracking start – all of the audience agreed: “I’ve never seen anything like that before”. it was so intense that some people had to leave (if you can believe that?!).

There’s a smoke machine at the back which I kept tripping on, and the room is quite small so after a while everything filled with smoke and that set off the fire alarms, which for some reason set off the smoke alarm, which due to some bad wiring then set off all the karaoke machines.

That was a lot to take in, yet we still persisted with the play. My asthma was threatening to get in the way of a lot of the plot but then i just changed all of my characters to ones that also had asthma and then everything was okay.

Some of the audience decided to do the karaoke while we were doing the show, I guess they really got to grips with the dualism that we were presenting. Problem is that singing with microphones is often louder than two men shouting without.

Oh Fringe, it’s really good to be back here.

Spent most of my time just wandering around taking flyers off people (I don’t read them but everyone needs a dream).

Going to try and see a show over the next week or so but not really sure which to see – oh well.

In other news Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a sure-fire hit of a film – keep an eye out for that.

Adam Larter and Ali Brice: Plumpy’Nut Aug 3 – 25, 2.44pm Heroes @ The Hive FREE or £5 to guarantee entry

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