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Adam Larter’s Edinburgh Fringe Blog: Day 02

larter gift basket

Almost ready for Edinburgh, my English to Scottish dictionary arrived off Amazon and I’ve been dusting off my funniest clothes.

In prep I have been sending out the following to get reviewers excited about my show.

Dear awesome reviewer,

So the worlds biggest farts festival is here and you don’t know what show to watch.

Just watch ours!

A gift basket is on it’s way and that should definitely convince you that our show is super super quality. Why would I lie?!?!

If you come to our show make sure you let us know the second you arrive, and you’ll be given the complete three-star experience – massages, face washes, ear-cleansing.

You’ll be seated front row and for no extra price at all we will let you wear the reviewer hat – this is a bit old red top hat which has the word reviewer on it – just so we don’t forget which one you are.

The show will make so much more sense when everything is aimed directly at you.

If you can’t make it to the show there is always the option that we write the review for you. Prepared below is a few sentences which sum up the show quite nicely.

Cor blimey x 10 this show was fantastic!

If I worked in the industry in anyway whatsoever I would make sure I contacted Shane Allen head of Comedy at the BBC, straight away to let him know about this awesome show.

Not only was all of the comedy really good it was also all really funny too and I found this an especially powerful combination.

What a bright future these performers have ahead of them, it’s so bright that it hurts my eyes, ouch that talent is painful.

Anyway, everyone should definitely go and see this show, especially if you work in the comedy industry or TV or something similar.

Amazing x 10.

If you could just send us back that review with your signature of the bottom we’ll be quoting it within seconds.

Anyway, I hope you have a great Fringe reviewer and make sure that you don’t go and watch any theatre :p

Kind regards, Adam

Adam Larter and Ali Brice: Plumpy’Nut
Aug 3 – 25, 2.44pm
Heroes @ The Hive
FREE or £5 to guarantee entry

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