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Adam Larter’s Edinburgh Fringe Blog: Day 01

It’s August, and London is vacant of laughter now every comic has headed up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013.

Sadly, we’re not heading up until August 16th for several unfortunate reasons.

We don’t want to miss a thing though, so we’ve enlisted the help of our comedian friends to keep you up to date on Festival goings-on in a series of blog posts. 

And here’s the first from one of our FREE recommendations, the delightfully strange, silly and memorable Adam Larter

_ _ _

Five top tips in picking the best show to see

Picking a comedy show may seem difficult, but there’s actually a simple formula to it that only pros like me would know.

Try these tips below and also help spread some publicity about my show, thanks.

1. Check their previous form

Have a look at how they fare, not just for the last Fringe but the few before that. Have they maybe had a change of owner that might have affected their form?

Maybe its time you gave them a chance regardless. A lot of comics take a few Fringes to get up to full strength – throw a few apples their way if you’re suspect – that shouldn’t do any harm.

2. Pick them based on their jumper

I like the colour green and I have NEVER gone wrong with a comic in a green jumper.

3. How noisy are they?

If the comics are all squeaking for attention that might mean that they are healthy, but check carefully . . . are they being aggressive . . . do you see signs of clawing?

Maybe you should try and look at the quieter comics in the corner. The ones that pee themselves if you take a flyer from them.

A good test is to try licking the palms of their feet, if they don’t run away they’re a good comic.

4. How do they fare in the different weather conditions?

Oh no, it’s raining! Not necessarily a problem. Some comics fare much better in the rain when it’s soft. Look how they flyer and how that makes them walk, do they seem happier in the rain? It could be your day.

5. Do they have a glossy coat?

Stroke them, keep stroking them. Good comedian. Gooooood comedian. Who’s a good comedian?

Adam Larter and Ali Brice: Plumpy’Nut
Aug 3 – 25, 2.44pm
Heroes @ The Hive
FREE or £5 to guarantee entry

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