Comedy festival comes to Croydon


Mini Croydon Comedy Fest

With Edinburgh attracting comedians like a big magnet you may think that there won’t be any comedy for the good folk of London to enjoy.  NOT TRUE!

Thankfully, Laugh Out London pal and all-round funny person Hatty Ashdown is putting together a showcase of excellent comedy talent for the Mini Croydon Comedy Fest held Saturday August 10 at Matthews Yard in Croydon.

The event starts at 3pm and runs right through to 11pm, during which a variety of comedians will perform. These include BBC New Comedy Award winner Angela Barnes who will be kicking off the festival at 3.30pm with her work in progress show ‘You Can’t Take It With You’.

Following Angela will be Guardian ‘pick of the week’ and Laugh Out London favourite Caroline Mabey with her new solo show ‘Chaos is a Friend of Mine’. Things will then turn into a early comedy club around 6.30pm where there will be a feast of acts including headliner and star of BBC 3’s “The Pranker” Ross Lee.

Keep an eye on for full day schedule.

Audience are encouraged to arrive early for cheap all day ticket for £5 at 3pm which will  allow access for all shows all day and can come and go as they please!

Buy your £5 ticket for the Mini Croydon Comedy Fest

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