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Edinburgh Fringe interview: Stephen Carlin

stephen carlin edfringe 2013

Another great underground comic to have gained exposure on Sky’s Alternative Comedy Experience, Stephen Carlin is a Fringe veteran who consistently creates shows of honesty and hilarity.

This year, he discusses his rather too fond attitude to gambling, and the impact a roll of a dice can have on a live in Stephen Carlin: Gambling Man.

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On a scale of cardboard to Christmas, how excited are you for the Fringe this year?

It’s Christmas eve, the shops are almost closing, I haven’t bought any presents yet but The Italian Job is on TV. That excited.

What’s your show about (in a maximum of two sentences and without using the following words/terms: unique, defiant, sassy, action-packed, thrill-a-minute, crazy, random, middle-class hip hop)?

A giddying journey through the highs and lows of a gambling addiction.

Who should come see it? And who do you want to come see it?

Anyone who has gambled and anyone who has never gambled. Everyone else can fuck off.

What is the full range of emotions an audience member can expect from your show?

Curiosity, wonder, disgust, pity, anger, benevolence, joy, vertigo and discombobulation.

Is your show easy to adapt for Radio 4 in case it wins the Fosters Comedy Award?

I don’t want to be fussy but I would prefer telly. After all I have forked out for a new haircut. It cost £12 and everything.

How long did it take to come up with the show’s name? And what did you reject?

Surprisingly long given it’s so simple. I rejected “Even Stephen plays the odds a tale of luck and chance.”

Do you have a favourite Fringe memory (not necessarily your own or about the Edinburgh in Scotland)?

I get a perverse pleasure from standing in the box office queue while I bad mouthing myself in the third person at the top of my voice.

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year? We recommend the Piemaker, The Baked Potato Shop and a pleasant stroll.

Tablet. You can’t get it down south. I am a total sugar junky. I need sugar.

Here’s a space to write anything you want about any subject. Go for it:

Every day you should do something that scares you. Well I am terrified of junk food and having a lie in gives me the heebie jeebies. So this Edinburgh Festival, in the interests of character building, I promise to get up 2pm everyday and subsist purely on a diet of burgers, kebabs and pizza. That is my pledge.

Stephen Carlin: Gambling Man
July 31 – Aug 26, 6pm
Pleasance Courtyard
£9 – £12

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