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Edinburgh Fringe interview: Aisling Bea

Aisling Bea Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Aisling Bea is heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe this year with a lot of expectation having won So You Think You’re Funny last year, appearing in numerous TV comedy things (Dead Boss, Cardinal Burns, Russell Howard’s Good News) and featuring in our top Festival stand-up recommendations for 2013.

It’s for good reason too, having a brilliant knack for enthusiastic story-telling packed with laughs that Irish comics seem to specialise in.

She’s doing her debut hour C’est La Bea at the Gilded Balloon this year, and we are very excited to see it.

_ _ _

Hey Aisling, how’s it hanging?

Tight, but a little to the left.

In Edinburgh last year you won So You Think You’re Funny, how was that? I bet it was pretty nice.

It really was. I’m very grateful to the Gilded Balloon for the opportunities it has given me, like going to Montreal! WOOT! I’d never really won anything before as I haven’t played sports and give up easily during board games, so I wasn’t used to the idea of winning a thing. I got very Halle Berry over-whelmed.

You will be familiar to many for your roles in cool stuff like Cardinal Burns and Dead Boss, how do these acting jobs compare to talking to strangers in dank rooms above pubs?

How did you know I talk to strangers in dank rooms above pubs?… Oooh! You mean doing STAND-UP?! (Hardyharhar) Well, you get surprisingly little free food in the pubs and surprisingly few free pints when filming.

How have you gone about putting together your first Edinburgh show? Are you using the “scribble it all down in notebook” technique or have you meticulously programed it in Microsoft excel?

Every morning I wake up wishing I had the discipline of the 9-5 writing, spreadsheet comic. But alas, I am the tornado hippy with the dreams written on pieces of paper stuffed into pockets, across five notepads, on receipts, on post-its and into my iPhone notes which makes them illegible because of auto-correct: “Foot use cake drive you Tudor”.

(Here is a “wacky” question that a tabloid newspaper might ask…) If your Edinburgh show was a type of hat, what kind of hat would it be?!

Something with a thick rim.

What should the punters of Edinburgh expect from your show?

A party in your mind for an hour and a great way to spend 6.30pm. I’ll do the stories with jokes, if you do the laughter. I want us BOTH to enjoy ourselves.

If you had an unlimited budget and could hire a member of the Hollywood elite to perform your show instead of you who would you hire and why?

Brad Pitt. I think he was young and inexperienced when he did The Devil’s Own and I’d like to give him a second shot at the Irish accent.

Your show ‘C’est La Bea’ has a rather catchy title if I do say so. How many titles did you got through before you made a decision?

About five. In the end I just let my pal Tom Bell come up with the title. Don’t blame it on the weatherman, blame it on Tom Bell.

Apart from your show, who else do you recommend seeing at the festival?

OOOh! How many do I get? There’s such a big gang of talent that really make me laugh and are all so different: Sara Pascoe, Bridget Christie, John Kearns, Brett Goldstein, Gráinne Maguire, Nat Luurtsema, Josh Widdicombe, Tom Craine, Jess Fostekew…. Tweet me for recommendations!

Finally, in 5 and half words, why should people come to your show?

I’ve a really tragic back-story.

Aisling Bea: C’est La Bea
July 31 – Aug 26, 6.30pm
Gilded Balloon Teviot
£8.50 – £10.50

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