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Edinburgh Fringe interview: Gerry Howell

Gerry Howell Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Establishing himself as one of the comedy circuit’s most lovable eccentrics, Gerry Howell’s performances verge from surreal waffling to ludicrous rambles, segueways, nonsequiturs, tall-tales and shaggy-dog stories, poems and ponderings, with his charisma carrying the nonsense effortlessly.

Always dynamic, Gerry is doing multiple shows at the Fringe this year, each likely to stretch audience imaginations beyond their usual safe parameters.

_ _ _

Hey Gerry. How are you today?

Great, thanks. Really living life to the full at the moment. Eating well, doing exercise and trying to knock down walls and build bridges everywhere I go. Metaphorically, of course.

On a scale of cardboard to Christmas, how excited are you for the Fringe this year?

Christmas with lots of snow and Mary and Joseph and the Back to the Future Boxset, I’m doing two shows this year, a play as well my stand up show so mega excited.

What’s your show about (in a maximum of two sentences and without using the following words/terms: unique, defiant, sassy, action-packed, thrill-a-minute, crazy, random, middle-class hip hop or easy to adapt for a Radio 4 show)? 

My show is about the beginning of the universe, how fortunate we are to be here on Earth, the crazy people you meet daily on the tube and in the post office, and why people don’t wear hats as much as they used to.

Who should come see it? And who do you want to come see it?

Everyone who likes their comedy slightly skew-whiff, with a hint of originality and a smattering of substance should come see it. I want everyone to come see it.

What is the full range of emotions an audience member can expect from your show?

Plenty of emotions on the human spectrum available to sample, notably ecstasy and befuddlement.

How long did it take to come up with the show’s name? And what did you reject?

I came up with the show title in a day. I rejected Droll Distractions, Silly Quiche, No Change Gibbon, Spunky Mallard, Losing the Vegetable Plot, Fringe Magnet, Duck Side of the Moon.

Do you have a favourite Fringe memory (not necessarily your own or about the Edinburgh in Scotland)?

Pretty sure it hasn’t happened yet. Brett Goldstein threw a frog in my face once, this is not a favourite memory but an abiding one.

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year? We recommend the Piemaker, The Baked Potato Shop and a pleasant stroll.

Oh yes, me too. With avacado. I always go up Arthur’s Seat. It’s magnificent. And seeing some shows.

Here’s a space to write anything you want about any subject. Go!

My latest idea for a film: Nosferatu-D2, the vampire robot.

Gerry Howell: Seriousnessmus
Aug 3 – 24, 9.15pm
The Dram House Upstairs

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