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Edinburgh Fringe interview: Karl Schultz

Karl Schultz at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

From starring as Captain Hook in Weirdos’ pantomime production of Hook as his tall-wigged alter ego Matthew Kelly to flinging paper aeroplanes around the Soho Theatre, Karl Schultz has established as one of the London comedy circuit’s most imaginative and divisive acts.

He’s gained praise from such established figures as Harry Hill and Dan Antopolski, and has become a regular guest star in the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society – the UK’s most exciting hotbed of emerging experimental talent.

Whereas last year’s Edinburgh show saw him explore Matthew Kelly’s attempts to break into African television, this year he’s introducing Fringe crowds to even more disturbed minds. And we’re very excited to meet them.

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Are you looking forward to the Edinburgh Festival this year?

I am El Draque, the night before Isthmus.

What can we expect from your show this year?

I’ve actually storyboarded the whole show, now on display at 17-19 Davies St.

How do you decide what characters to include in the show?

The most truthful answer is “Colour Scheme”. Green/ Orange > Purple/ Coffee Cream > Gold/ Red/ Black.

What emotions will the audience go through?

Emotions are weather. I want to induce romantic synaesthesia among stoics.

Is you show easy to adapt for Radio 4 in case it wins the Fosters Comedy Award?

I haven’t heard much from Dr. Brown since he won.

How long did it take to come up with the show’s title? And what did you reject?

I did think ‘Southbank Chai’ til I realised people aren’t seeking dating advice from someone stood in a duvet claiming to be a hologram.

Do you have a favourite Fringe memory?

Two spring to mind. In 2011 I shared a bill with a man who would transform into Batman halfway through his set. He would do this by leaving his mask on a stool in front of the curtain entrance and then when it came time for him to change he’d say, “Well ok so, not many today but – what’s that? What’s that?” (looking over to the curtain). Then he’d walk up to the curtain, pick up the mask everyone had seen from the stool and stick his head out the curtain to slip it on. At which point at the entire audience would make a swift exit through the other side of the curtain so when he turned his head back into the room he’d just see me at the back with my hands over my face. A perfect farcical joke and my cue to begin packing away.

Last year, two friends of mine were sharing an hour. In both their sets they’d use projector screens and flamboyant plops, leaving one to suggest the name “Visual Aids” which I don’t think they gave enough prior credence to possibly being read as “Visual A. I. D. S”. Perhaps harmless enough when you think flyering for the show would be these two sweet-natured, affable men. Until you saw the poster image, involving the letterbox of an anonymous man’s eyes and nose whereby each eye had a photo of one of them emerging sideways from it. The eyes now looking like vaginas, inadvertently creating the most horrific flyer I’d ever seen. I still remember the night when I joined a few comics at a bar table, all a cardiac rouge with laughter, asking, “Have you seen this?”

What else are you looking forward to this year?

A bed. Last year I was broke. I took the cheapest option I could find and slept in a living room on an Argos blow-up single bed. By the time I got it to the flat I didn’t realise I hadn’t bought the right batteries for the pump which led to Luke almost burning his hand trying to help me using his hair dryer. One night we brought back two Finnish girls. I consider it to my eternal credit I was able to woo her into following me all the way down to the almost-floor. Later however I would have an out of body moment of watching the two of us together and not help but be reminded of the closing scenes of Titanic where an old Irish couple held each other on the bottom bunker waiting for the Atlantic to rush in.

Here’s a space to write about anything you want. Go for it!

In the last 15 minutes whilst answering these I have learnt two new things from a simultaneous conversation. A) My pornstar name would be Julia Cottage. B) According to a Reflexology Chart the knot on the ball of my foot means I may have cervical issues. So I would like to if I may begin promoting next year’s show, either “Karl Magnolias” or “Moulin Schultz”.

Karl Schultz: Start the Karl
Aug 1 – 25, 4pm
Heroes at the Hive
FREE or pay £5 to guarantee entry

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