Camden comedy night

Michael Legge Edinburgh Fringe Preview – 18th July Camden

Michael Legge Edinburgh Festival Fringe preview

Michael Legge

On Thursday July 18th, Laugh Out London comedy club brings you a night of work-in-progress comedy shows, including a Edinburgh Festival Fringe preview from Michael Legge!

Venue address is Camden Head, 100 Camden High St London Borough of Camden, NW1 0LU.

Doors are 8.00 for an 8.30pm start.

It’s Totally Free!

Michael Legge: Free Wi-Fi

Michael Legge: Free Wi-Fi

Michael Legge: Free Wi-Fi!

Look! Free Wi-Fi! Everyone likes free Wi-Fi. As long as we have free Wi-Fi, everything else can fat off. I mean, who doesn’t like free Wi-Fi? That’s right: Thatcher! Are you Thatcher? Oh, you are? This is awkward. I thought you were dea… no, come in. Come in. Look, life is flipping hard but as long as we’ve got free Wi-Fi we won’t make a fuss. This is shouty comedian Michael Legge’s third solo show. Maybe he’ll be cheery in this one? (He won’t).

As seen on Comedy Central’s “The Alternative Comedy Experience”.

“Hugly enjoyable” – The Independent

“A very engaging, tour-de-force of a comedian and definitely worth an hour of your time” –Three Weeks

“The man is hilarious and barking mad…  is a superb hour of comedy” – The Skinny

“Legge’s cringe-inducing stories are a rich vein, which he mines with passion and creativity” -Chortle

Plus a preview of Jack De’Ath and Bob Fletcher’s show “Bob and Jack Get Dangerous”

Bob and Jack Get Dangerous

Jack De’Ath

Jack De'Ath

Jack De’Ath

Regular host of Laugh Out London and an emerging versatile comic of charm, props and pasta. There maybe Caramac involved, there may not. His off-beat humor often uses silly drawing and games, which has lead him to be described as “slightly surreal” by a number of people.

“The shenanigans show promise” – Chortle

“Engaging gems of originality and comic charm” –

“He’s already very very good” – We Love Comedy

Bob Fletcher

Bob Fletcher

Bob Fletcher

Bob made his stand-up debut in February 2010, supported by several established acts including Robin Ince at the ‘My First Gig‘ event. He’s been performing regularly since.

It’s Totally Free!

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