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Edinburgh Fringe interview: James Acaster

James Acaster Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Laugh Out London has been avidly following the career of comedy’s prince of ‘whimsy’ James Acaster ever since we first saw him do an open mic spot at the Fringe in 2009 (possibly 2008 or indeed 2010. 2009 seems right though).

Since then, he has honed his act to one that exudes effortless wit and though, belying the terrifying hard work and acute writing put into it.

It’s a work ethic that helped him obtain a nomination in the Fosters Comedy Awards last year for Best Show in one of the strongest line-ups in the competition’s history, and he’s back in 2013 with the curiously title ‘Lawnmower’.

_ _ _

Hey James, How are you doing?

Very well thanks, just charged my phone

Do you feel excited and ready for Edinburgh?


Last year’s show was deservedly nominated for the Fosters Coemdy Award. How has last year’s success affected your build up for this year’s show?

I’m scared. There I said it. Are you happy? I’ll let you into a secret though – I’m always scared.

Your show is called “Lawnmower”, so what’s your favourite lawnmower? I enjoy a Flymo myself.

A Henry lawnmower

Just to check, is you show themed around lawnmowers? I will definitely come if it is.

No. Not in the slightest. I lose more audience members that way.

You have been going up to the fringe for a number of years. What was your first visit like?

I was welcomed like a king. A king that noone had heard of and didn’t want to see. But I still felt like a king.

What’s your most cherished memory of Edinburgh?

Seeing a street performer fall asleep halfway through his own act

Most of the people we talk to about Edinburgh are overwhelmingly positive about it all, can you tell us something that’s rubbish about it?

The toll is takes on your self-esteem

Is there anything in particular that you are looking forward to doing or seeing when you’re there?

Sharing a flat with David Trent, Nish Kumar and Tom Rosenthal – the playa flat, obviously.

James Acaster: Lawnmower
July 31 – Aug 25, 7pm
Pleasance Courtyard
£8.50 – £12

James Acaster is performing a work-in-progress version of Lawnmower as part of a double-bill of Edinburgh Festival Fringe previews alongside Best Newcomer 2012 Daniel Simonsen,

The show takes place on Saturday July 6th at the Camden Head in Camden and tickets are just £5.

More information about the double-bill of Edinburgh Fringe previews from James Acaster and Daniel Simonsen.

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