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Edinburgh Fringe interview: Liam Williams

Liam Williams at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

Way back on a hot April day in 2011 in a tiny room above a pub in Soho, Liam Williams was Laugh Out London comedy club’s very first headline act.

It’s hard to think that anything could top that in Liam’s career, but they arguably have, with the Cambridge graduate’s erudite wit seeing him reach the finals of both the Amused Moose Laugh Off and So You Think You’re Funny, as well as featuring on Russell Howard’s Good News.

On top of his burgeoning stand-up career, Liam is also a member of the sketch group Sheeps, who have won huge critical acclaim the past couple of years in Edinburgh, and can count Daniel Kitson among their many fans.

His solo show this year is featured in out 20 best stand-up shows to see at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013, so he comes fully Laugh Out London endorsed.

_ _ _

Hey Liam, how are you?

Not bad. Bit worried about money. Otherwise fine.

On a scale of cardboard to Christmas, how excited are you for the Fringe this year?

Pretty excited, so… Cineworld?

What’s your show about (in a maximum of two sentences and without using the following words/terms: unique, defiant, sassy, action-packed, thrill-a-minute, crazy, random, middle-class hip hop)?

My personal tribulations as compared to those of Sisyphus, my late grandfather and Philip Larkin. Oh and the band Hard-fi.

Who should come see it? And who do you want to come see it?

People who are into either/both Philip Larkin or/and Hard-fi.

And who do you want to come see it?

Philip Larkin or Hard-fi. Or Laura Marling.

What is the full range of emotions an audience member can expect from your show?

Amusement – pity – exultation – boredom – desperation (to piss)

Is the show easy to adapt for a Radio 4 show in case it wins the Fosters’ Comedy Award?

I worry the two ‘fucks’ and the venn diagram bit are crucial.

How long did it take to come up with the show’s name?

Between two and three seconds.

And what did you reject?

The idea of thinking about it any more.

Do you have a favourite Fringe memory (not necessarily your own or about the Edinburgh in Scotland)?

Last year I had a really enjoyable haircut from a young gal (16ish) who didn’t really know what the Fringe was. — (Just realised this could be read as a glib pun on ‘fringe memory’. Wasn’t meant to be)

What else are you looking forward to in Edinburgh this year? 

Visiting the Victorian Turkish Bath in Portobello and walking over Arthur’s Seat to the Sheep Heid inn.

How was it going on Russel Howard’s Good News? You did very well.

Oh thanks. It was fun. The edit hides a multitude of stony young faces.

Here’s a space to write anything you want about any subject. Go for it:

Thanks but I’m trying to channel everything into the show at the moment.

Liam Williams
Aug 1 – 25, 10pm
Just The Tonic at The Tron
£6 – £9.50

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