Interview: Judah Friedlander – The World Champion

Judah Friedlander The World Champion

Judah Friedlander The World Champion

Taking a minute from his run at the Soho Theatre, Laugh Out London managed to have a quick chat to comedian/actor/World Champion Judah Friedlander. You may have seen him on 30 Rock or as a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. Or maybe you have seen him being awesome around the place. Or in the image at the top of this article. Anyway, here is what he said. 

Hi Judah, How are you?

Feeling excited about a new spaceship I just built.

You have a series of shows in London coming up. Are you looking forward to it and what can people expect?

Excited to be back in London. Did shows at various last summer and loved it. People can expect a range of prepared material, new material I’m working on as well as material I make up on the spot. I also like to talk to the crowd a lot and take their questions about karate & my presidential platform.

You have past experience of performing in the UK. How have found it playing to crowds here?

Good crowds. Different venues have different vibes. Some crowds are more one demographic and reserved, others are more diverse, and some are rowdy & some well behaved. But overall, I think the crowds in London have a better sense of world politics and often know American politics better than Americans. I think that’s because the TV news media is better here.

You’re a self-described ‘world champion’. What’s your most impressive achievement?

I’m not a self described world champion. I won the world championships and the world champion committee named me world champion (Fair enough – Ed).

Greatest achievement… hard to say… each day I keep topping myself.

How would you have fared at last year’s Olympic Games in London?

I would have won every event. And would have done every event in a row. So the Olympic Games would have lasted 20 minutes.

A lot of US comics (Paul F Tompkins, Eddie Pepitone, Neil Hamburger etc) seem to have made the Soho Theatre their home in London. Do you all get together and recommend nice places to play when abroad?

I know all those guys and they’re cool. But I believe they’re all LA based. So I rarely see them. My US agent booked me at Soho and Todd Barry recommended it to me. After I booked it, I reached out to Eddie and he gave me info about it.

Do you have any sight-seeing plans during your time in the UK? We recommend the Falafel shop in Camberwell.

I will go to this falafel shop you speak of. Thanks! But more importantly – how’s their hummos & babaganoush & tabbouleh?

Judah Friedlander is at the Soho Theatre, Dean Street, June 4 to June 6


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