ARG comedy Festival

ARGComFest (An Actually Rather Good Comedy Festival)

ARGComFest (An Actually Rather Good Comedy Festival)

It may not surprise you to learn that we at Laugh Out London are nerds. Comedy nerds to be exact (arguably the best kinds of nerds). So it’s with a joyful glee that we bring you news of a rather exciting weekend of non-stop comedy action from some of our favourite comedians.

ARGComFest (An Actually Rather Good Comedy Festival) takes place on Saturday 6th July and Sunday 7th July in Camden

It features 2 days of Edinburgh previews some pretty mighty fine comic talent.

For example how about four of last year’s Edinburgh comedy award nominees (James Acaster, Tony Law, Joe Lycett, and David Trent), and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Add in Josh Widdicombe (Channel 4’s The Last Leg), Bridget Christie (BBC R4 News Quiz), Mitch Benn (BBC R4’s The Now Show), Sara Pascoe (Live At The Apollo), Edward Aczel, Mae Martin (Russell Howard’s Good News), Michael Legge, Colin Hoult, Nick Helm, Brian Gittins, and Max & Ivan (2013 Barry Award nominees).

Oh and Aisling Bea, Tom Rosenthal, Nat Luurtsema (BBC3 Live At The Electric), Nish Kumar and even more. Pretty insane or what?

We had a chat to James Lowey, who’s organising this whole shindig, about why you should go.

Hey James, first and foremost, what on earth possessed you?

I had two main reasons for running it: the first is to allow people who can’t make it up to the Fringe to see lots of the best shows. Obviously going up to Edinburgh is very expensive – the price of shows go up every year, and accommodation and travel can be pretty pricey as well, so it really starts to add up!

And secondly, to provide friendly paid London previews for as many comedians as I can! I know from working with various comedians that it is common for previews to lose money due to the cost of hiring a central London venue.

The line-up is pretty chocker, what should punters expect?

There’s more to come too so keep an eye out for more announcements! Audience members should expect a jam-packed, laugh-filled, bizarre, wonderful, exciting time – just like the Fringe! With so many comedians on the bill, I’d suggest embracing the fact that most audience members won’t have seen many of the acts before, and making sure you check out what’s going on in both rooms as you might find a new favourite.

This is the second year ARG comedy festival has run? What lessons have been learnt from last time?

MORE COMEDIANS!!! Also this time we selected a venue that has better technical capabilities! Turns out comedians like those crazy ‘sound’ and ‘lights’ type things.

Who have you got to be the ringleader of this comedy circus?

As I mentioned earlier, I have a few names up my sleeve still…

Do you have any tips for audience members to maintain their stamina and to repair split-sides?

My tips for pacing yourself at ARGComFest would be very similar to my tips for the actual Fringe:

  • Make sure that you get plenty of sleep the night before: I made sure that it finishes earlier this year so that people won’t be staying until midnight on Saturday and then coming in for midday the following day.
  • Don’t get hammered: most people will be at ARGComFest for about nine or ten hours. Soft drinks and water are recommended for at least some of it!
  • Remember to eat: this year the venue is next door to a Nando’s and surrounded by supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants, and across the road from Camden Market so people will have plenty of options, ranging from ACTUAL MEALS to popping to Sainsbury’s for a Pepperami.
  • Accept that you won’t see everything: there are thirty-two previews in two rooms over two days. You will have to make decisions to miss things due to needing to eat and drink and, more crucially, your inability to be in two places at once. You’ll enjoy yourself far more if you aren’t constantly rushing around.

For the complete line-up click here


Tickets are just £34 for the weekend or £22 per day, But will increase so don’t dilly dally.

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