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Edinburgh Fringe interview: Stuart Laws

Stuart Laws

As the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 approaches, we’ll be catching up with some of our favourite comedy acts to find out their plans for the festival.

Today, we bring you an interview with Stuart Laws, regular host of Laugh Out London, video entrepreneur and fan of marmalade on toast ice cream.

How are you today Stuart Laws?

I had homemade marmalade on toast ice cream last night so I feel really good.

You are doing your first full Edinburgh show this year. What’s it about?

It’s mainly about jokes and being a really fun, weird but accessible show. The main theme is my struggle to be really outgoing and confident despite the fact that performing stand up is a really outgoing and confident thing to do. The blurb claims this: “a show about ornithology, Center Parcs, Terminator, milkshakes, The Bourne Supremacy, colour blindness and Hawaii Five-0.”

What type of person would enjoy your show?

Really stupid people, like the absolute stupidest motherfuckers. And racists. And cunts. There’s a film called Outlaw, starring Danny Dyer and about vigilantes. Most of it is done in a passable way, believably shot and with an atmosphere that was both foreboding and reflective of some current fears about society. Then Hoskins, bloody Hoskins wades in with a monologue about why they’re going out being vigilantes that boils down to: “We go out out there and protect society from murderers, rapists, paedos, nonces and cunts”. And you think, wow, you almost had me there, almost got me thinking that maybe one day vigilanteism will be a legitimate reaction to lawlessness but your list sort of trailed off at cunts. Cunts? As in people who use violence to intimidate others?

That’s cunty isn’t it? That’s a cunty thing to do. And the major qualification of being a cunt is to do something cunty. Therefore to beat the shit out of/kill a cunt is to be a cunt. Therefore you should kill yourself. It’s a paradox. Outlaw and Back To The Future are very similar in that respect. My point is that if you enjoyed Back To The Future you’ll love my show and if you love Outlaw you won’t. But they’re essentially the same film so you work it out.

You’ve done short spots at the festival before. How have you enjoyed it?

Doing short spots at Edinburgh is easily the best way to do the Fringe, no pressure, no need to stick to certain material and no worry if no one watches your show. What I did like most about the festival is that August is normally when loads of exciting films come out at the cinema and I can go watch them.

Why have you chosen this year for your debut hour?

Well I wrote it 9 years ago and have been analysing the other potential Best Newcomer nominees each year until I found a year that I thought: “Yeah, I’ll definitely win it this year”. Because to me that’s the important thing about comedy.

You’re quite energetic on stage. Are you worried about exhaustion? I’d recommend a bottle of water while you perform.

I actually try not to take any fluids on board during performing, for one very good reason: there’s never any laugh breaks big enough. I’m actually looking forward to the exercise, if I can combine my show with a negative calorie diet for the whole month then I think it’ll be a pretty successful year. Also, I like being an energetic performer, I like the chance to surprise an audience and introduce a feeling of increasing mania to a show. It’s fun, I enjoy it.

What are you most looking forward to about the Fringe this year?

Tig Notaro (This is a very good answer –ed)

I’ve heard you’re doing some previews in London to prepare. Where/when can we see you?

12th June, Camden Head, Camden. ARG Comedy Festival 6-7th July. Balham Mini-Fringe 27th July.

Thanks Stuart. You’re the best.

Stuart Laws Absolutely Will Not Stop, Ever, Until You are Dead (1hr show)

August 3-24 (not 15th or 22nd) 3.10pm
Dragonfly (venue 63)

Find out more about Stuart here

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