Video: “Chubby Bunny” now online

chubby bunny

The excellent gang down at Turtle Canyon Comedy media have produced a rather fine critically acclaimed short film. Chubby Bunny is an upbeat comedy about anal sex, choking and bereavement.

“Chubby Bunny” stars Sarah Daykin of acclaimed double act Toby and upcoming sitcom Chickens. It was written, directed and also stars Laugh Out London favourite Stuart Laws.

It’s rather deliciously dark and now available right here…

In October 2012 Chubby Bunny premiered in New York on the opening night at the New York Comedy Film Festival, January 2013 the film received it’s UK premiere at the opening night of the prestigious London Short Film Festival. Since then the film has closed the 20th Chicago Underground Film Festival, graced the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival, screened at the Brainwrap comedy cinema club and played twice at the internationally renowned Seattle True Independent Film Festival, taking home the runners up prize for the Indepenetration category.

Turtle Canyon Comedy have produced a rather in selection of comedy videos including this one starring Rich Fulcher of the Mighty Boosh…

Click here to find out more about Turtle Canyon Comedy

Turtle Canyon Comedy on Youtube

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