Reggie Watts is coming to London

Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts

Hey exciting news, everyone’s favourite vocalist/ beatboxer/comedian Reggie Watts is coming to London for a rare UK appearance! It’s on Tuesday 18th June as part of the Festival of Neighbourhood and Meltdown Festival.

Reggie has supported Conan O’Brien, appeared on stage with LCD Soundsystem during their last show ever and is part of the rather brilliant Comedy Bang Bang podcast. You have noticed him pop up in the Peter Serafinowicz directed Hot Chip video for Night and Day.

Here he is doing his rather unpredictable thing on Russell Howards Good News. He also has impeccable taste in jumpers.

He is supported Mac Lethal, a Youtube sensation from Kansas city whose influences range from Louis C.K. to Tom Waits.

Here is Mac Lethal using his iphone to do something much more entertaining than playing angry birds.

It’s all rather exciting.

Get Tickets for Reggie Watts at the Royal Festival Hall

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