Five reasons to love Paul F Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins

YAY! Paul F Tompkins Is coming back to the Soho Theatre.

We caught his show “Crying and Driving” in April and can testify that it is pretty damn excellent. Time Out are big fans too.

Here at Laugh Out London we love PFT so we thought we would give you five reasons to love him too….

1. His podcasting

If you’re a fan of comedy podcasts, you’re a fan of Paul F Tompkins. Whether he’s bringing his myriad of insane, anarchic characters – including Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ice T – to life on his own Pod T Tompkast; interviewing comedians playing famed authors (eg. Andy Richter as Emily Dickinson) as HG Wells in the Dead Author’s Podcast; or invading the studios of Comedy Bang Bang and other Earwolf podcasts as the Cake Boss, he’s as prolific as he is brilliant. It’s the medium he was made for.

2. His characters

With Paul F Tompkins, you don’t just get one comedian. You get a host of disturbed personalities filling that brain, emerging as lovably hideous versions of well-known figures, including the aforementioned Lord Webber, as well as nature-hating Werner Herzog and more. His greatest must be the Cake Boss. See him in action on the Comedy Bang Bang TV show.

3. He helped to write/featured in Mr Show

It’s one of the greatest most influenctial sketch shows of all time, and he was in it. And wrote in it. And played a 12 foot God while sitting on the shoulders of Jay Johnston.

4. He was in There Will Be Blood!

He doesn’t just do comedy. He can act too! Well, if this two seconds of quality pleading with Daniel Day Lewis is to go by. He’s also cropped in equally brief scenes in Magnolia and The Informant!

5. His stand-up

Of course, the reason he’s here in London is to get on a stage and say funny things to a paying audience. And there are few people better at it than him.

Paul F. Tompkins is at the Soho Theatre from Mon 8th July – Sat 13th July

 Get your tickets here

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