Laugh Out London’s 2nd Birthday A Success

Hooray! What a splendid night we had last night.

Jack De'Ath gets in the party mood.

Jack De’Ath gets in the party mood.

John Kearns opened in his own unique way. We love John, he lights up the room like an electric eel lights up its tank. He’s also bloody weird too. Nish Kumar fresh from selling out the Soho theatre last week stepped into Ben Target’s shoes and smashed it out the park, for which we are grateful. Stewart Lee came ad did some already brilliant new material in his first club set in months (he’s back with us in July!), and Tony Law tried his hand at observational comedy but got somewhat side tracked. Compere Jack De’Ath even got a laugh for his joke about Mnemonics. Overall it was bloody lovely.

BUT what does the future hold for Laugh Out London? Well we have launched a 5 year plan to take over the London comedy circuit by force.

2014: Laugh Out London on Ice- Laugh Out London officials (LOLfficials) and The Milton Keynes ice rink are in discussions about holding the first ever comedy gig on ice. We are currently trying to book acts who have experience at ice skating. So far we have booked Joe Pasquale, here he is in action…

2015: Laugh Out London Upside-down- We are literally going to turn comedy on its head. You literally will see comedy from a whole new angle. We are literally going to cover the ceiling of the Camden Head in Velcro and give special Velcro boots to the audience and perform a gig while standing on the ceiling. Enjoy the anti-comedy of Edward Aczel? Imagine that upside down?!

2016: Introduction of Larry the Alpaca- Larry the Alpaca will be the new mascot of Laugh Out London. His job will involve giving out t-shirts the crowd during the interval using a specialised t-shirt firing gun, cheering up lost children and basic admin.

2017: Silent Comedy- Much like a silent disco, audience members are given a pair of earphones with three channels on which they can choose between. Each channel broadcasts a different comedian who is onstage at the time. That way the audience can select which comic they want to listen into while looking at all 3 of them on stage. The comedians we have asked about this all say it’s an awful idea but we don’t care.

2018: Laugh Out London to build a nuclear weapon- We will be building a supply of plutonium over the next five years in order to get build a nuclear missile. This is for defence reasons only, as we have it on very good authority that Weirdos comedy Club already has one.

So as you can see we have big plans for the next five years, so you’re either with us or against us.

Love LOL xx

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