A new Partridge is born


With the Alan Partridge movie well on its way, Norfolk’s favourite son is once again taking centre stage in an awkwardness that isn’t even aware what self-awareness means.

That title may soon be taking away though with the arrival of Daniel Evans onto the scene.

Through the YouTube channel TVGeog, Daniel has shared with the world his love of his home county Norfolk in a four part series ahead of a trip to the US.

It’s a loving account of a truly amazing part of England, and Daniel does those hills, trees and strawberries more than justice. Oh, those strawberries.

If that’s not enough, there’s a blooper reel too, featuring such hilarious incidents as when there was lots of wind and you couldn’t hear what he was saying.

On top of that, he’s posted his radio show Bandana (it’s got lots of bands, and it’s got lots of Dan!) online too, so we can all enjoy. Try not to listen after you’ve watched this trailer (Dire Straits!).

It’s not just Norfolk, and a (actually very well edited and directed) new series called Keep Calm and Explore With Dan is in development, with Dan set to find the spots of calm beauty in our busy cities. The first episode is already out, and where else could Dan visit but Partridge’s hometown of Norwich. Smashing!

We do really love Dan. A lot. Please keep making more if you read this. It’s rather wonderful.

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