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Chortle Awards – Weirdos vs Louis CK

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Good news guys! Some comedy people we like have been nominated for a comedy awards thing!

For yes, the Weirdos collective – headed by Adam Larter and perhaps most well-known for three sell out performances of a live pantomime version of Steven Spielberg’s Hook just before Christmas – has been nominated for innovation in comedy at the Chortle Awards!

Not only that, Weirdos is up against probably the biggest comedian in the world, Louis CK, for his unique, cunning and absolutely original ploy to let people download things from his website.

Usually we don’t care about such meaningless prizes, but this one involves people we find funny and enjoy, and everything’s decided through public vote. So we thought we might bring it to your attention.

There’s also a lot of other great people who we’ve had on a Laugh Out London these past two years up for prizes, including Pat Cahill, Daniel Simonsen, Tony Law, Doctor Brown, Adam Hess and more. Each deserves something, and I think you can vote multiple times. So give everyone a little click. Okay.

See the full list of nominations for the Chortle Comedy Awards.

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