Top comedy albums on Spotify: Part 2

Even more great comedy albums to enjoy courtesy of our favourite Swedish sound streamers Spotify.

And here’s part one.

adam joe song wars

Adam and Joe’s Song Wars

Adam and Joe – Adam and Joe’s Song Wars Volume Two

Saturday morning’s have never been the same since Adam and Joe departed 6Music and took with them Listener Jokes, Text The Nation, Retro Text The Nation and Boggins. But the segment that has probably left the largest whole is Song Wars, when our two broadcasting powerhouses competed in a battle to create the best song for a certain theme. These included festivals, women’s magazines and, of course, James Bond. This is a collection of some of the best of those efforts.
Listen to Bathtime for Bowie


Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress – My Name Is Hannibal

One of those talented new American sorts that is coming through with lots of jokes and humour and being funny about pigeons. He’s written for 30 Rock and been nominated for the Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival, and this album sums up why he’s touted as one of the next comedy superstars.
Listen to Pigeons Get Murked


Anthony Jeselnik Shakespeare

Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik – Shakespeare

A lazy person (like me) might suggest Jeselnik is something of a brasher, US version of Jimmy Carr. And he kind of is. But, also, he isn’t. Because he’s quite good and probably gives money to poor people or something. Joyful use of language and a stunningly sharp mind. And the occasional clever thing to say about taking offence in comedy.
Listen to Standards and Practices


Peter Sellers

Peter Sellers

Peter Sellers – EMI comedy collection

It’s Peter Sellers, so it’s bound to be good (and questionably racist). But the goodness wins out, and times were different then or something (although The Party is a cringe to witness). Songs and stories, all with the aplomb you’d expect from a legend.
Listen to She Loves You


Tim Key

Tim Key

Tim Key – Tim Key, With A String Quartet, On A Boat

Poetry and classical musical. It’s the perfect combination. Add in jokes, and you’ve got yourself a cake you’d eat until your blood clotted. Which is a horrible thought. Don’t do that. Listen to this instead.
Listen to Chess

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