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Edinburgh Fringe Diary: Day 9

Vomit on a car

Vomit on a car

It’s day nine, and Jack is now in Edinburgh. He got here by train. I don’t think anything amusing happened on it.

I heard the best joke of the Fringe today from my 8-year-old niece, however. When enquiring about the tequila grown-ups like me were drinking, she said she had drunk alcohol before when she mistakenly drank her dad’s vodka and irn bru rather than her own irn bru. Then, when asked if she remembered this, she said: “No, I was on the floor.” Which made me laugh lots.

Sadly, this was just a mishearing, and she actually said: “No, I was only four.” Nevertheless, she is wittier than Russell Kane.

Jack saw Matt Highton and David O’Doherty today. I think he enjoyed them. Then a PBH fundraiser thing mixed bill of up and down variety.

Other than that, it was mainly being tired.

Jack also saw some vomit on a car.

Shows seen so far: 23. All involving a hammer.

Celebrity spots: Some men said “Alan Davies? He’s a fanny” as I was walking by them.

Slightly gothy/retro looking girls I’ve fallen in love with: All of them again.

Scottish indie pop song of the day: Ballboy – Wonder If You’re Drunk Enough To Sleep With Me Tonight

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