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Edinburgh Fringe Diary: Day 6

Today was a day of Edinburgh Festival legends. Those hallowed names Kitson, Lee and Kunt.

For I went along to Daniel Kitson performing his latest one-man story As of 1.52pm GMT on Friday April 27th 2012, This Show Has No Title, Stewart Lee’s Carpet Remnant World and Kunt and the Gang’s songs about bums and things (10.30pm, City Cafe, free).

It’s probably quite unnecessary now to have a public opinion about any of these artists – all of them have their set fans, die-hard and enthusiastic, as well as their reactionary critics, choosing to view self-awareness and a critical take on mainstream thought as smug or condescending.

Nevertheless, all were great as expected; Kitson seemed to have a whole baker shop full of cake he was eating with his multi-layered take on writing a story about writing a story that the critics would have to love and think it all came without effort.

Lee too seemed to have a whole carpet shop full of carpets he was eating as he chewed on contemporary conventions of comedy and made rugs out of them.

And Kunt had a whole pornographic film of bums, penises and breasts that he was eating, and then singing songs about eating them, or something.

Each show shared a dissatisfaction concerning the majority of the acts on the Fringe, and the critical expectations of those who purposely defy this route, which I think Kunt best summed up in his most successful song.

In other news, I was in a popular magazine today billed as Mr Quirky (see photo above).

Shows seen so far: 17. Only one of which involved a song about washing your penis.

Celebrity spots: Mick Foley while watching Stewart Lee. I don’t think he quite understood it.

Slightly gothy/retro looking girls I’ve fallen in love with: Loads.

Scottish indie pop song of the day: Orange Juice – Rip It Up

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