Edinburgh Fringe

Podcast episode 31: Gareth Morinan and Leads & Stern

Gareth Morinan Edinburgh Festival 2012

Gareth Morinan

More from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012 as Tom talks to Gareth Morinan about what a Truth Doodler is, as well as how he’s coping with doing six shows at one festival. Well it turns out, although he does get angry about certain things. But that’s the point really.

Gareth Morinan: Truth Doodler
Underbelly Bristo Sq, 1.30pm, £8.50

Leads and Stern Edinburgh Festival

Leads and Stern

And from behind a plastic cow, I spoke to sketch duo Leads & Stern about how to make a show silly and fun. I also manage to blag myself into their group as Leads, Stern and Meek, although I’ve still to receive that phone call about rehearsals. Get on it!

Leads and Stern
Underbelly Cowgate, 5pm, £9

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