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Edinburgh Fringe Diary: Day 3

ben target ali brice

Ben Target and Ali Brice

I don’t think I’ve ever been so scare of anyone’s mouth than Rob Beckett’s. Just look at it. It’s so large and full of teeth that could chomp your nose off in a second. One second. I have no opinion of his show though as I’ve not seen it. I’m pretty certain it involves no nose chomping though.

Such thoughts weren’t the main aspect of today – my second full day at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012. No, because it was, once again, rain. Well, for a couple of hours anyway.

It started off so promisingly, interviewing Gareth Morinan (1.30pm, Underbelly at Bristo Sq) in the relative dry of the Underbelly Garden. I got a free badge and everything.

And then I found some hardish-hittingish drama in Nola, a relatively powerful piece on the aftermath of the BP oil spill in 2010, containing voices from the many it affected. Journalism masquerading as art, or something.

It was back to laughter (or something like it) with Ben Target up next. Having seen snippets of what he can do, I thought I was fully prepared for an hour of one the most exciting acts breaking through into the mainstream comedy circuit. But this still proved to be something very special that defied all constraints on what a comedy should be, fully involving the audience in such a way that it all makes perfect sense at the time, yet a couple of hours later, you realise you’ve been tricked into becoming ridiculous. Like Derren Brown, if all he wanted to do was make you realise how silly everything all was.

Then it was more chats with sketch duo Leads and Stern (who are lovely and you should see at 5pm at Underbelly on Cowgate), where I think I may have forced myself into becoming a sketch trio. Podcast coming soon.

And Edinburgh wouldn’t be Edinburgh without seeing Richard Herring, and his new old show about penises was a fitting close to the day.

Shows seen so far: Five. Including a theatrey one. I am sophisticated.

Celebrity spots: Paul Foot walking down Candlemakers Row. Being very obviously Paul Foot.

Slightly gothy/retro looking girls I’ve fallen in love with: I can’t remember. There must have been one though. There usually is.

Scottish indie pop song of the day: Arab Strap – There Is No Ending

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