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Edinburgh Fringe Diary: Day 1

Edinburgh Fringe 2012 diary

Edinburgh Fringe 2012 diary

Hallo you. Laugh Out London is now in Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe 2012, and I, Tom, shall be keeping track of all the laughs, tears, rain and vomit in this Fringe diary.

And what a first day it was for me. Even though about 75 per cent of it wasn’t actually in Edinburgh.

It was still fun though; I gave my keys to a friend who’s moving into my London flat for a bit while I’m away, and then I got a train and sat next to a man who smelled of wine.

I read the Guardian for a bit, but most of it was about the Olympics, which I was escaping, so didn’t consume. I think my small dose of Linsanity earlier this year has inoculated me against Olympic Fever.

I had a small issue on the train, however, when moving seats to look at the North Sea (which I couldn’t help but think would be a lovely area for a train to crash if I had to be in a train crash). In an attempt to lift up my papers and tuppaware box of egg sandwiches under my seat, I picked them up with my leg through my arms and had to carry them across the aisle crouched in such an awkward position, sidling embarrassingly. The wine man didn’t notice.

Anyway, I got to Edinburgh despite this calamity, and only had time to notice the city now has a Primark before heading to my home for the next two weeks and writing this (stopping briefly to watch Mo Farah when the 10,000m using the novel tactic of running a bit faster than everyone else).

Exciting times to come though, so watch out. I might even watch some of our recommended shows.

Shows seen so far: None (I just got here, okay!)

Celebrity spots: Someone who looked a bit like Dave Spikey and someone who looked a bit like Professor Brian Cox.

Slightly gothy/retro looking girls I’ve fallen in love with: One, walking along Princes Street. A good start.

Scottish indie pop song of the day: Camera Obscura – Swans

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