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Comedy news round-up – July 23rd

In a surprising move, the BBC has recommissioned mildly popular 90s sitcom Game On, but this time to be set in Clapham. Game On In Clapham marks a drastic change in direction for the pinnacle of lad-era comedy, which was originally set in Tooting. By moving from zone 3 to zone 2, the flatmates – played by Samantha Janus, Ken Dodd and Marti Pellow – will find it mildly easier to get home from a night out in north London, but will also pay slightly more rent and council tax.

People who are in the comedy industry or are just interested in comedy and are a bit left leaning overall because that seems nice had their Twitter streams turned into a constant recommendation of an article that Stewart Lee wrote for the Guardian that happened to mention Twitter. “I couldn’t find out about Syria or the Olympics or anything,” said one user, “but it was good because the article was funny and I thought it was quite amusing how it was critical of Twitter in quite an underhand way, but I retweeted it anyway because I like to feel like I’m in on the joke and Stewart Lee respects me.”

In an announcement that sent shockwaves throughout the industry, every single comic in the UK said all of their Edinburgh Festival shows were ready and polished to perfection more than a week ahead of schedule. The final week of July is normally seen as quite a busy and stressful time for comics, but in the release signed by every comedian in the UK, everyone said “there is nothing left to do. All our shows are going to be fine, and we’re really looking forward to the next month knowing all of our work is done already.” As such, there are no more previews in London before August as they aren’t really needed.

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