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Comedy news round-up – July 16th

In a surprising move, the BBC has recommissioned mildly popular 90s sitcom Game On, but this time to be set in Samantha Janus’ head. Game On In Samantha Janus’ Head will be set entirely in Samantha Janus’ head, with each episode dealing with a different area of Samantha Janus’ brain. The pilot episode involves Samantha Janus’ amygdala – the area of the brain dealing with emotionally charge memories – and sees Samantha Janus recall that time she kissed Neil Morrissey in charming but ultimately disappointing Brit flick Up ‘n’ Under.

Controversial American comic, Corey Hertz has caused controversy by talking about a controversial subject he controversially has no real experience in, nor indeed anything funny or thoughtful to say about. A fan at the show where Corey Hertz was reported to have made his controversial remarks said: “I can’t believe it. He was just up there talking, and then said this controversial thing and I think a lot of people got upset because it wasn’t funny or thoughtful or necessary or part of some larger, smarter piece discussing how controversial the subject is. Instead, he just seemed like a bit of a knob.” Hertz defended his controversial subject material by saying “Hey guys, comics should be allowed to joke about anything controversial. Even if it’s something the comic doesn’t really understand or have any experience of, or indeed any sympathy feelings towards or education in. It doesn’t even matter if the joke’s not funny or witty or makes sense. He should be allowed to say it, because otherwise the real winner is controversy itself. Or something.” Controversy remains.

Spotted at a recording of QI – Stephen Fry reading come cards. “I host the show” he Tweeted later.

The Japanese are a traditionally polite people, but this ageing comic felt the full aggression of a woman who wasn’t too happy with his relationship material.

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