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Top comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

Unsure of what to see at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012?

Instead of getting all panicky and vomiting on your Fringe programme, why not take a look at Laugh Out London’s top 10 comedy recommendations to enjoy during August.

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Tom’s picks…

Holly Burn: The H Club

Holly Burn

Holly Burn

The only time that comedy has nearly caused me damage is when I almost fell off a stool laughing at Holly Burn crashing into a wall as household daredevil Dangerous Dawn. She promises a selection of equally entertaining and insane characters who are all fully paid up members of the H Club – a mixture of the Groucho Club, Stringfellows and Bedlam Hospital. Some will laugh, some will be confused, all will never see anything else like it at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.
Just the Tonic at the Caves, 4.40pm, £7 (£6)

Lou Sanders: And Now For A Nice Evening With Wallan


After a much-heralded debut hour in 2011, Lou Sanders is back, and with seemingly all inhibitions out the window and all imagination left to roam free. According to Lou, Wallan is that special feeling when it all just seems to click, and it manifests itself in a variety of guises littered throughout an audiovisual spectacle that may or may not involve a paddling pool, a ladder and a fishing rod. Expect chaos and excitement.
Pleasance Courtyard, 9.30pm, £9.50

Bridget Christie: War Donkey

Bridget Christie

Two years ago, Bridget Christie opened her Edinburgh show dressed as ant doing ant-based observational material (it was triumphant!). A year later, she came on stage dancing to a reggae version of the Dr Who theme tune whilst dressed as a Catholic priest with gorilla hands. I have no idea what to expect this year. I think I like that. I’m going to assume it’ll be as brilliant as ever though.
Assembly Rooms, various times, £10

Discover Ben Target

Ben Target - comedy London May 23rd

Ben Target

Word of mouth from all the cool comedy kids saw Ben Target pack out his brief run on the free fringe last year that took comedy to a level of interaction that caused as much discomfort for some as refreshing joy for others. For 2012, he’s 15 minutes longer and ready to bring more mindgames and mayhem with props, thoughts and a confidence that can caused any audience to do the most wonderful things.
Underbelly, 4.55pm, £10

Trevor Lock’s Amateur Sex Tape Theory

Trevor Lock - comedy London July 4th

Trevor Lock

Growing up in the Scottish Borders with only a television and teletext for my cultural development, Trevor Lock’s face was one of the most imprinted images on my mind thanks to his much bullied appearances on This Morning With Richard Not Judy. Fifteen years later, he’s now one of the best still to be discovered on the tip of making it almost quite there cult hero stand-ups going (see Simon Munnery) and promises a fascinating hour delving into our perception of ourselves and each other. One of those types who takes the ridiculous very seriously. You know? The best type.
Alternative Fringe at The Hive, 6pm, £5

Jack’s picks…

Tony Law: Maximum Nonsense

Tony Law Edinburgh Fringe preview

Tony Law

Tony bounds onstage like a man who has just eaten 50 Duracell bunnies. His material is loosely connected together with no particular theme, but that’s the joy of his manic delivery. You are never sure which surreal twist he will take next. One of the best comics around and this will be chance to see a master at work. Maximum Nonsense will do what it says on the tin.
The Stand, 12.30pm, £8 

Daniel Simonsen: Champions

Daniel Simonsen

Daniel Simonsen

This is Daniel’s first hour show and it’s shaping up to be a delight. His off-kilter delivery in his Norwegian accent creates an unsettling atmosphere that emphasises the quality of his writing. Having won So You Think You’re Funny back in 2008 he’s gone on to feature on Russell Howard’s Good News along and supported Simon Amstell on tour. This will be a debut show of a very high calibre.
Pleasance Courtyard, 7pm, £10 

Bec Hill: Bec Hill Is More Afraid Of You Than You Are Of Her!

Bec Hill!

One of our favourite acts, the immensely likable Bec Hill presents a mixture of quirky and silly jokes alongside her wonderful homemade flipchart drawings that make her one of the most refreshing acts on the circuit. And watch out for her homemade music video about dinosaurs. Bec, whose own shown may have one of the best titles at this year’s Fringe, is also running a one off special of her London club night “The Pun Run” – a night of frivolous wordplay that is taken very seriously.
Gilded Balloon, 2.45pm, £8 

Josie Long: Romance and Adventure

Josie Long

What more can be said about Josie Long? Having won the best newcomer award back in 2006 she has been nominated for the main award three times, most recently for last year’s “The future is another place”. Josie brought in a political edge to her show last year which is still present alongside her clever and whimsical observations. Always a safe bet for a rewarding, smart and uplifting show.
Pleasance Courtyard, 6pm, £11.50 

James Acaster: Prompt

James Acaster

James Acaster

I was pretty surprised last year when James Acaster’s debut show wasn’t nominated for best newcomer – it was one of my favourite shows of the fringe. His ability to interact with the crowd is second to none he also has a range facial expressions and mannerisms which tie
the whole thing together beautiful. His material is silly. Very silly, and is complemented by his straight-faced delivery. Just few of the stand out bits from what I have seen this year include a football song and his research into bread. If you enjoy nonsense it’s no to be missed.
Pleasance Courtyard, 8.15pm, £10 


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