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Comedy news round-up July 9th 2012

In a surprising move, the BBC has recommissioned mildly popular 90s sitcom Game On, but this time to be set in an ant farm. Game On In An Ant Farm will see Samantha Janus reprise her role as sassy Mandy Wilkins, who loves nothing more than to lift twice her body weight in leaves. Her flatmates are to be played by Stephen K Amos and Dean Gaffney, both of whom are to undergo operations to attach mandibles to their heads, even though they are playing humans. “I want to know what it’s like be an ant,” said Gaffney.

A bus

A bus

There was disappointment for 17 comics aboard the N29 night bus from Camden to Wood Green on Saturday night when it turned out there were no nutters”, “crazies” or indeed anyone with a serious mental health problem at all on the top deck. The comics, all of whom had boarded the bus separately in search of material to appease the perceived judgemental nature of London comedy crowds, went home with empty notebooks despite assurances that the prevalence of mental illness in North London was so great, they could get 30 minutes of jokes from a 5 minute journey.

It turns out that legendary alternative comedian Barry Housenoodah could have been as big as Harry Hill, if it wasn’t for a choc ice. In an interview with comedy blogger Jack Faringham, remembers how he was on his to do a hotly anticipated pilot for Channel 4 in 1992, when he spotted a choc ice in a shop and received a premonition about how his future was melting away. “I didn’t want to be an ice cream,” said Housenoodah. He immediately phone the head of Channel 4, called him a knob and never worked in television again, instead plying an honest trade on the alternative open mic circuit.

Self-proclaimed “outrageous” comic Tommy Klunge found himself in A & E last Tuesday after asking an audience member to sand his arse with an angle grinder. “I didn’t see it coming, I don’t know how it happened,” said Mr Klunge, who will have to wear a prosthetic posterior while his own one grows back.

Veteran comic Lizzie Bethnal gave us all a lesson in how to handle that dreaded of all audience – a massive stag-do. Composed and considered, this is a graceful takedown of one of nature’s most wild beasts.

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