Comedy news round-up June 25th 2012

In a surprise move, BBC has announced the return of mildly popular 90s sitcom Game On, but this time to be set in space. Samantha Janus will reprise her role as the woman one, while her flatmates will comprise Will Mellor as a boisterous but amusing spaceman and someone who isn’t Will Mellor as someone who’s less of a dick because he doesn’t hate foreign people, or something like that.

The How Do They Come Up With Funny Jokes Like That? awards has announced its 6 finalists for its 2012 competition, including Australian satirist Nicky Boom and lovably Irish comic, Shane O’Seamus who’s won huge praise for talking about his family and how silly but lovely they are. The final will take place at the Soho Chuckle Shack in New Cross in August.

Alexei Sayle: “Where are my bones?”

Alexei Sayle has lost all the bones in his body, baffling doctors.

The first stand-up show specifically aimed at monkeys has taken place in Bangalore, India. The country’s culture minister Ananth Kumar described the event as a “major success” that could change both comedy and monkeys forever. “They enjoyed the bit about peeling bananas the most,” he remarked.

American comic, Corey Touchdown has been arrested for shoplifting a fridge. The troubled star, who rose to prominence as host of controversial game show Meet the Meat, had only come out of a stint in rehab two weeks earlier, with many suspecting a possible relapse of his simultaneous coke, cannabis, alcohol, heroine, cough syrup and sex with attractive women addictions. Police said: “A lonely 42-year-old man has been arrested after attempting to steal a fridge from a store. It was a FreexeMax2000001 – a large fridge to fit the needs of any happy American family. We suspect there may be a metaphorical motive behind the incident”

And finally, these hecklers got more than they might have expected when they decided to play with controversial young Austrian comic Johann Eizentoff.

Sources: BBC, Alexei Sayle’s body, Indian Ministry of Culture, Los Angeles Times, the internet

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