How to deal with hecklers

By Jack De’Ath

Heckling is like playing a tuba or being Jack Whitehall – more fun for the person doing them then everyone else in the room. So it gives me a real pleasure to see hecklers being taken down by a comic using their wit and reasoning alone. Here are my favourite videos of hecklers getting what they deserve.

Richard Herring
Richard Herring has one particularly famous heckler video (over 2 million views) featuring a drunken bus driver, but this one is a lot better. During his “Christ on a Bike” tour, there were a small number of Christians protesting about the show before they had actually seen it. During this show, a Christian starts muttering in the audience then decides to call Richard a “fat pig”. The comedian’s ability to dissect the heckler’s supposedly “Christian” attitudes is wonderful.

Jimmy Carr
Here’s 11 minutes of Jimmy Carr dealing with hecklers. Heckles vary from the low hanging fruit of “are you gay?” and “I had sex with your mum,” to the more unusual such as someone saying they robbed a fruit machine in Alton Towers. You can see all the years of Jimmy’s club comic experience shining through here.

Edit: Feel free to add your own tax avoidance joke here, I can’t be bothered to write one.

Joe Klocek
I can’t say I’m familiar with Joe Klocek but I did enjoy this. Joe actually gets the heckler on stage inviting him to tell a joke.  He then spends the next five minutes picking holes in him. Even when the heckler has a violent swing at him he keeps his cool. Eventually, the guy’s mic lead falls out with just compounding his misery. It proves it’s not as easy as it looks.

Laurie Kilmartin
Laurie Kilmartin gets a bread roll thrown at her. One of the more surreal heckles you will see.

Arj Barker
Arj Barker (Best known as Dave from Flight of the Concords) clearly has control of the room here, epitomised by the line “at the start I was the only one who hated you”.

Tom Goodliffe
After all this negativity let’s end with a positive note, it’s not strictly aheckle, but what the hell. Here Tom gets heckled by cake…

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