Laugh Out London LIVE! December 6th

Laugh Out London Live comedy night december 6

Laugh Out London Live comedy night december 6

Some people might say it’s foolish to host two different comedy nights on the same week. But some people also spend their free time playing golf. Some times we just have to ignore ‘some people’.

Anyway, Tuesday December 6th will see Laugh Out London back and FREE at the Queen’s Head, Denman St, right by Picc Circus tube for some more funny fun.

We’ll hopefullly kick off around 8.20pm if you can be there for 8pm to ensure an evening of sitting down.

Do attend on Facebook if you can.

And who’s standing up to entertain you?

Why, only these fine chaps:

JACK DE’ATH – ‘newcomer’ – London is Funny. MCing his way through a thrilling throb of a night.

MATT HIGHTON – Returning after conquering at mind Mario Kart.
“Something quite special” – Chortle

JONNI MUSIC – We saw him some months and became groupies for this rock idol. He’s done stuff for the BBC and everything.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/show/p007jz3m/jonni_music/ See.

HARRIET KEMSLEY – Only started being funny at the start of 2011 and already an award winner, taking the prize at Funny’s Funny 2011.

SANITY VALVE – The alternative project from Casual Violence’s music man, Adam Felman. Expect to be awed by talent and enthused by humour.

TOM CROWLEY – One sad face. As in a member of Four Sad Faces who rocked us all in July. Back and on his own. Joking for four people.

CHRIS COLTRANE – MCed our evening many a time. Now see him do a whole set! It’s worth it. Especially the faces bit. It’s pretty amazing.

TOM MEEK – Jokes about Latin abbreviations and metaphysical poetry. Lower your standards though.


Tom and Jack

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