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Laugh Out London LIVE! – Sept 16th

LOL LIVE - Sept 16th

Well blow me sideways and make sure it doesn’t tickle, for Laugh Out London LIVE is taking that exciting step and becoming that most pleasing of all words – fortnightly!

Yes, not only will be hosting a FREE night of comedy funtubbles the first Friday of the month upstairs at the Queen’s Head, Piccadilly Circus at 8pm, but we’ll be there the third Friday too!  Attend on our Facebook event.

And the first third Friday (keep up) shall be September 16th, with the usual fun and games and bunting. Most importantly though, we’ll have a hella funtubbling line-up to celebrate and enjoy. Mainly these people:

HATTY ASHDOWN – A lovely LOL fave, whose amazing Edinburgh show was one of the List’s top 5 free picks of the Fringe. Wow.

CASUAL VIOLENCE – A Malcolm Hardee Award nominated smart sketch troupe who saw so many stars at the Fringe, they should have been narrated by Brian Cox.

LIAM WILLIAMS – Member of the much celebrated sketch trio Sheeps, who Daniel Kitson described as ‘just the thing I needed’. You need him!

NICK SUN – Mad. Mad. Man. Good.

DAVID HANNANT – May have jokes about rhubarb. We’ll see.

SEAN MCLOUGHLIN – New and young and eager and with a haircut. Buzz has been building. See him all new, young, eager and haircutted here first.

ANTHEA NEAGLE – We saw her at a comedy night once somewhere in Stockwell. She was superb. TRUST OUR JUDGEMENT!

Maybe some more to come, but we’ve majorly over-ran the last couple of times, so that may be it. We’ll see. It’ll all be fun anyhow.

Doesn’t that all sound exciting?

And don’t forget to attend on the Facebook event. We like that.

Much love and nourishment.

Jack and Tom
Laugh Out London

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