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Great Brain Robbery and Ed Fringe 2011 picks

Great Brain Robbery

Great Brain Robbery

Download: Great Brain Robbery and Ed Fringe 2011 picks | 32 mins  18.3MB

It’s been weeks! Proper weeks. Several of your earth days.

But we’re back. And with a special bumper interview with Luton’s greatest ever sketch/song troupe, The Great Brain Robbery.

Indeed, they’re the best thing to come from Luton since the Boeing 747 to Toronto. And we chat about lots of things, but mainly wigs and comedy.

Don’t forget to check out their wee run in Edinburgh too, Aug 21-28 at The Caves.

On the subject of Edinburgh, you’ll have a chance to gasp at mine and Jack’s picks of the Fringe – the acts we think you’ll love as much as we do. And we love them lots.

Jack’s picks:

James Acaster
Beautifully told, Kitsonesque observations about life’s more subtle joys
Aug 3-29, Pleasance Courtyard, 9.45pm, £12 

Beta Males: The Train Job
One of the best sketch group’s of last year’s Fringe can only get better, surely? Extra Stephen Byers.
Aug 3-29, Pleasance Dome, 4,20pm, £10 

The Gentlemen of Leisure: The Death of the Novel
You’ll learn, laugh and love. Well, the first two anyway.
Aug 4-28, Just the Tonic at The Caves, 3.20pm, £7 

Thom Tuck
A trip into a man’s soul via a collection of straight-to-DVD Disney films.
Aug 3-29, Pleasance Dome, 8.10pm, £9 

Tom’s picks (a US takeover):

Todd Barry
You know, from Flight of the Conchords. David Cross type dark tales of middle-aged living.
Aug 16-28, The Stand, 3pm, £10 

Neil Hamburger
America’s $1 funnyman!
Aug 15-28, Assembly George Sq, 10.40pm, £12 

Lee Camp
Mates with Kilstein and Stanhope. Angry, young, liberal and funny. Hurrah!
Aug 4-28, The Stand, 11.45pm, £8

Download: Great Brain Robbery and Ed Fringe 2011 picks | 32 mins  18.3MB

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