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Laugh Out London LIVE! – July 28th

July 28 poster

July 28 poster

We’re back! And sooner than you might have thought. For thanks to something comedy related happening in Edinburgh during August (the Frunge?) we’ve had to move Laugh Out London forward by a whole 8 days!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get your Delorians out to witness the mirth, just show up at the usual venue (The Queen’s Head, Denman Street, Piccadilly Circus) on Thursday July 28th at 8pm(ish) and prepare to be thrizzled into hilarity heaven on another FREE night of comedy!

And as usual, it’d be supercool if you clicked ‘attending’ on the Facebook event and invited all of your friends.

But who shall be your guides on this journey? Why only these sorts:

CHRIS COLTRANE – He’s compered before, but now see him thrill all with his own surreal/political stand-up set

BEC HILL A veteran of LOL, the patented Australian lovelycake is back with more sketches, jokes, and heart-melting smiles

MAX DICKINS – Half of sketch group Dregs and all of Max Dickins. And all funny!

FOUR SAD FACES – Four-person sketch quadruple foursome. There’s four of them. Making sketches.

MATTHEW KELLY – That one? No, probably not that one. Why not come and make sure though?!?!?

CHRIS BOYD – From Chesterfield! My mum once convinced me Chesterfield was a swear word. I doubt this will come up.

KISHORE NAYAR – Practices law. He don’t need no practice at telling jokes though!

JAY COWLE – ‘Jay Cowle is unique, passionate, funny, and one hell of an original stand up’ according to Google. Go Google! Gogle!

And possibly a special, secret special guest too. Ooooohhh.

Anyway, the last 3 nights have all been amazing, and it’d be brillfabawesome if this one topped them all! Even if it is on a school night…

Much love and nourishment.

Jack and Tom
Laugh Out London
Facebook event:

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