Laugh Out London Podcast

Tony Law, David Mills, Nick Sun

Tony Law, minus beard

Tony Law, minus beard

Download: Tony Law, David Mills, Nick Sun | 48 mins  27.3MB

Blimey bags. It feels like ages since we’ve done this. Mainly because it has been ages. Three weeks is ages now, isn’t it? Or not long at all if you’re all old and things and life is slipping away down a greased up pole.

Anyway, much has happened in both mine and Jack’s lives since our last episode (including  a rather wonderful second Laugh Out London LIVE experience with Nathaniel Metcalfe, Hatty Ashdown, Gentlemen of Leisure, Bec Hill, Chris Coltrane, Sophie Buchan, Matt Thomas, Question 17, Jay Foreman and no more) but now we are back to what we do second best – podcast interviews with funny people!

And we met these funny people at the all new Test Tube Comedy night at the Shaftesbury Tavern in Holloway, as hosted by Dec Munro (who we stupidly refer to as Dec Coates in this podcast for some unknown reason).

The people whose names we do get right include podcast favourite Tony Law, who talks about his son as an oracle of genius and jazz hedges.

Hackney Empire new act of the year, David Mills also offers us some advice about being naked amongst a group of men.

And Nick Sun talks about breaking up and eating meat. Beautiful.

Download: Tony Law, David Mills, Nick Sun | 48 mins  27.3MB

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