Photos: Laugh Out London June 3rd

Laugh Out London Live! 3rd June 2011

Well didn’t we all have fun? Yes we did is the answer.

Just in case you didn’t believe us we have photographic evidence of it happening. This is all thanks to the newest member of the LOL team, LOLcam! Sadly LOLcam isn’t actually all that great but here are the half decent ones we managed to get out of it. Enjoy!

Here is the first Half with Matt Thomas, Bec Hill and Nathaniel Metcalfe (sorry Question 17 but LOLcam failed to get a decent piccy of you, bad LOLcam!). In the second half we had Sophie Buchan, Hatty Ashdown, Jay Foreman and The Gentlemen of Leisure.

A lovely time was had by all, as I hope you can see.

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