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May 6th Laugh Out London comedy night

John Henry Falle doing Beowolf

John Henry Falle doing Beowolf

Well, the first Laugh Out London comedy night at The Queen’s Head was a massive success, so big thanks and love to everyone who came and laughed in London (a ha!). I hope you all enjoyed your lollies too. The green ones are apple, not lime. So a pleasurable surprise for many I hope. If you put some money in the swag bag too, you are awesome and we love you more than our mothers. Our mothers don’t know you at all. Why would they care?

And HUGE HUGE thanks to all our amazing acts too, and, of course, our composed, co-ordinated, coitally curious compere, Chris Coltrane.

If you want to know anymore about any of the acts for Laugh Out London May 6th, details and links are below.

We have more photos on our Facebook page too.

Chris Coltrane – everyone’s favourite compere and veteran of the Laugh Out London covered UK Uncut comedy gig in Soho Square

First half:

Jim Campbell – host of the Football Ramble podcast and all round funny sort.

Sir Horatio St John Jingo – The Victorian gent reads from his much heralded memoirs. Expects lots of derring. And some do.

Chris Coxen – Bostonian character comic. Sometimes from the future!

Sh!t Theatre – They’re not shit. They’re a bit theatrey. And they’re all brilliant singing satirists. Hurrah!

Second half:

John Henry Falle – One quarter of London’s finest, the Beta Males, and outstandingly funny as his own whole self.

Scott Merrington – Give us a link Scott!

Luke Toulson – He’s Perrier nominated you know.

Liam Williams – master of words and member of sketch troupe Sheeps.

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